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Default Re: oh, tonights game made me happy...

Originally Posted by St33lers
after watching the jaguars and patriots, i am one happy man. i've learned tonight that the patriots WILL not go to the superbowl. im actually guaranteeing a lost next week so plz mark my word. the patriots have no running attack, and when u get pressure on brady he is worthless. yea u have 3 TD passes, but look at his other stats...numbers are decieving.

lets face it, did we really expect jax to beat them? they are probably the worst team in the playoffs (well for afc, maybe not for nfc). after watching this, if the patriots actually play a good team, they have absoloutly no shot. if it wasnt for some luck for the patriots, this might have been a close game (the 2 fumbles that magically bounced in the hands of the patriots). and if it werent for del rio starting leftwich like an idiot.

my my what a glorious day....i can see blue! your my boy blue, your my boy!!!

refs still suck off patriots, but this year wont matter.

2006, a year without the patriots in the superbowl.

lol, that is ridiculous. NO TEAM NO QUARTERBACK IN THIS NFL can expect their offensive line to hold a defensive attack for as long as Brady had to. Jacksonville's coverage in the 1st half was terrific. Brady was forced to end up making throws he didn't want to make, because the offensive line can't hold Jacksonville for 15 seconds. They have a very strong front 4, unlike every team. At half-time the Pats made their adjustments to break away from coverage, and it obviously showed.
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