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Default Brady12's post game "Rant" *New Sunday Post*

I'm gonna do this after every day's games, in this topic, because I don't want to make too many topics. I will however make a new one the next week. Anyways, here we go. WHAT is it with Washington trying to hold onto a lead? They score 17 quick early points, and then sit on it, and don't score again the rest of the game. They have done this all season, and next week whe nthey travel to Seattle, they if they do get a lead won't be able to afford to sit on it. You have to score points, you cannot play conservative when you have a lead. POUND POUND POUND, until the 4th quarter, and with 3 minutes left, you have a nice lead, you are sure of a win. Washington is very lucky to escape this one, Chris Simms and Bucs rallied, but could not come back.. Sheppard's drop in the endzone is gonna go down as the game changer. Had he caught that, we most likely have OT. You cannot gather 122 yards of offense and expect to win every week. This must change, or Washington will not survive Seattle.

Game 2, The first half in Foxboro, Jacksonville had terrific coverage on the New England recievers, and like I stated in another topic, that is the reason Jacksonville had so much pressure, that and the fact that Their front 4 is a strong group of guys. Kudos to the front 4 of Jacksonville. 2nd half, New England either made an adjustment, or something happened to the JAX secondary. Brady threw nearly 200 yards in the 2nd half after just throwing around 50 in the first half. I was angry at Ben Watson before he made that big TD play, because he couldn't hang onto the ball. Down on the 1st or second drive, when he dropped the ball at the 7, and Vinatieri punted to the 3. Then he fumbled, and we almost lost the ball, luckily Andre Davis was there, and of course David Givens made it 14-3. The 2nd half adjustment by New England was terrific. You know you did something wrong, when you score 7 points in the first half, and are in tough, and then in the 2nd half you score 21 points, and exploit the opposition. Good luck to Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, New York, and Carolina tommorrow. Can't wait to see Chicago (Hopefully) fall next week to Carolina or NYG. No, that is not a guarantee loss for Chicago, I just hope they lose. thats my Saturday rant for Wildcard weekend, Goodnight!

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