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Default Re: Brady12's post game "Rant"

Originally Posted by 3 to be 4
just so ya know ST33ler, the Patriots rushed 28 times for 118 yards. 4.2 avg
sounds like a good game for the Bus, so whats the problem?
a QB rating for Brady of 116.7

me thinks you just dont like it cuz its the Patriots. If Ben and Ben had those numbers and the Steelers won 28-3 you'd be jellin'
that rating wouldnt be nearly high if he didnt have 3 td passes. i believe in the first half he was 7/17 for 70 yards 1 TD. thats not that good. that TE gave him that td.

as for the rushing, faulk had a few good runs but was nothing special. dillon had an avg, of 2.3, 2.4, 2.7 and 5 something avg yards per carry by quarter. i think the patriots were just better conditioned seeing the numbers by half/quarter.

i wrote my statement as the game was going on, didnt add the extra bs that comes on at the end of games.
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