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Default Re: Steelers vs. 'Skins Game Day Thread 11/03/08

I just got home from this game - WHOOHOOO!!! There were SO MANY Steelers fans in attendance, it would have warmed your heart We got there early - the Redskins fans seemed slightly stupefied at the Steelers Nation turnout. In a stadium of 90,000+ I'd say about 35 to 40% were Steelers fans EASILY.

After we got that blocked punt, the cries went up - and all up in the stands we sang: HERE WE GO, STEELERS - HERE WE GO! We drowned out the home crowd LOL The Redskins fans were outnumbered - they tried to retaliate with Hail To The Redskins but Steelers Nation is way stronger.

There were so many Steelers fans around me that I think alot of the Redskins fans were just appalled. They started leaving here and there - but in the second half they started leaving in droves buh BYE! I heard so much smack from the Skins fans in my office last week. I can't WAIT to go back to work on Wednesday. I liked walking outta there with my head held high, fist bumping random Steelers fans on the way out and cheering our team. It was the bomb

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