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Default Re: Steelers vs. 'Skins Game Day Thread 11/03/08

Originally Posted by GutterflowerSteel View Post
I just got home from this game - WHOOHOOO!!! There were SO MANY Steelers fans in attendance, it would have warmed your heart We got there early - the Redskins fans seemed slightly stupefied at the Steelers Nation turnout. In a stadium of 90,000+ I'd say about 35 to 40% were Steelers fans EASILY.

After we got that blocked punt, the cries went up - and all up in the stands we sang: HERE WE GO, STEELERS - HERE WE GO! We drowned out the home crowd LOL The Redskins fans were outnumbered - they tried to retaliate with Hail To The Redskins but Steelers Nation is way stronger.

There were so many Steelers fans around me that I think alot of the Redskins fans were just appalled. They started leaving here and there - but in the second half they started leaving in droves buh BYE! I heard so much smack from the Skins fans in my office last week. I can't WAIT to go back to work on Wednesday. I liked walking outta there with my held high, fist bumping random Steelers fans on the way out and cheering our team. It was the bomb
i was there too, there were some sections that were jus about all Steeler fans. Every Redskin fan i ran into were talking SO MUCH crap, 'AFC SUCKS' and some things that i cant repeat here, by half jus bout all of them were dead silent

Great game by the Steelers, especially their D. That was my first Monday Night game and it was def the best football game ive gone too.
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