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Default Update on Kidnapped Pastor

Here is an email I received

God is awesome. This afternoon, at 4:14 PM to be exact, Pastor Jesus XXXXXXXX (funny his first name being Jesus... ) called me to confirm the fact that he was now free from his kidnappers and at home now with his family.
With his permission I share the following:
First, he tells me "I am calling to express my deep appreciation to all for praying for me. I am alive I believe because God heard the prayers of his people." Pastor XXXX then proceeded to tell me he had been deprived of food and water for almost 12 days during his captivity. He was handcuffed and bound with a very jagged chain. He also related to me that his kidnappers beat him severely. In semi conscious state he recalls hearing his captors talk about getting rid of him. He was taken in a vehicle to the outskirts of town. After throwing his body out, they proceeded to cover him (alive) with sand. His tells me they then proceeded to attempt to kill him by firing several bullets. He states, "I heard the bullets hit the sand but not one touched my body. When they saw no movement from me they left me for dead." Shortly, by divine providential workings, no doubt, his was found by local authorities. They rushed him to the hospital where he was detained for treatment for almost three days.
I was in awe as he wept while sharing with me this horrific account. Pastor XXXXX was praising God for sparing him. He has asked that we let all know how much he and family appreciate their fervent praying for them. The family continues to receive calls from all over the USA and beyond. We plan to spend time with him this coming Friday. I know more details will be coming forth as the story unfolds. Our God has shown himself strong in behalf of the XX family. I personally say, 'Thank you for caring and praying.' This should serve as an encouragement to all. Before ending our call, we prayed together. WOW! AMEN! PRAISE GOD!

For those who were wondering, the pastor was held hostage across the boarder in Mexico.
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