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Default Re: Sean Taylor, What the........

is this the same sean taylor who the media was all over as the best safety to ever enter the game? one who was gonna rival ronnie lotts carreer? the one almost all draft prognosticators said was the sure lock to make it into the hall of fame, in a draftclass of ben, d. hall, d. robinson, winslow jr. e. manning etc.? i guess if polamalu ran his mouth constantly, shot at people, and spit on his opponents he would be good too right?

just like ed reed, s. taylor is a miami of u piece of crap. and as much as i enjoy a mean nasty player, its only effective if theres an ounce of brains to back it up. when all is said and done people will say polamalu was one of the greatest and after taylor bounces around the league and has a charles woodson type of career of big dollars and small numbers, people will wonder what the hell they were thinking putting him on a pedestal and how such talent could be wasted.

talent aint crap with out the work ethic behind it, especially in a league full of "talent"
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