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Default Re: Looking for Steelers v Cowboys Tickets

King- You're in luck. The Bungles game is the one game where you're going to be able to get a Steelers home game for around face value. In addition to the Bungles being terrible this season, it is a Thursday night game. Monday's and even Sunday nights are always cheaper than Sunday day games. But a Thursday night is going to be even cheaper because of the amount of fans who don't want to take off work, especially 2 days to go to the game. We have alot of season ticket holder who live more than several hours away and won't attend this game. If you look at Stubhub the Bengals game has alot more tickets for sale and the prices are already much lower than the other games. Supply is heavy and demand is light. I'm in this boat as well, I've actually got tickets for this game and may not come in for it as I live in Richmond. Luckily my seats are on the 50 so if I don't go I'll be able to get them sold.

Good luck- and this is one game I would definately wait it out.
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