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Default Re: Can't beat 'em, threaten 'em.

Originally Posted by stillers4me View Post
I live in Cinci, and trust me, they are obsessed with the Steelers.

My hubby wore his Ben jersey to work yesterday and someone said, "how can you live with yourself?"

He said, "What's it like being 0-8?"

I keep telling disgruntled fans of other teams:

After the MNF game last week, I put on my Steelers victory gear and went to work and faced down all of the unhappy Redskins fans in my office They could only admit that the Steelers handed them their a$$es IN THEIR HOUSE - as they watched helplessly. Plus I think a lot of them were a bit shellshocked at how our D just came in there and handled them. I said, "Hey, we spotted you 3 points!"

In fact, a couple of my closest friends are Redskins fans and they talked trash to me all week long and even trash texted me at the start of the game. I don't talk smack about others' teams - because it makes YOUR team lose...

After we stomped 'em, I took this picture during the 4th quarter and texted it back to them with this message:

Rule #1 - Don't EVER trash the Burgh, biotches - HA!! Here's a pic of your loser fans scurrying away like rats leaving a sinking ship - how you like me now?! HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!

I got no reply

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