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Default if that wasn't a kick in the nuts...

If the loss to Indy wasn't just a kick in the nuts... what I discovered afterward was an karate-chop to my va-nay-nay...

my Steeler fan van got broke into during the game & they stole all the booze out of it.

Thank god it was only the booze... I had invested about $15 in the bottle of smirnoff that was in there, the rest of it was just left-overs from over the years (about 5 other various 1/5ths).. so no big loss..

but.. bottom line.. they popped the side window vent somehow & stole all of it... didn't take anything else... the only other things to take would have been my coolers with some food in it & my sirius radio (which would have been deactivated when I reported it stolen)

I think someone who saw my fan van setup probably got into it after I went into the game... just a big f**cking bummer coming out of the game to find that... glad they didn't break a big window.. but still.. makes me feel violated (I am sounding like a real woman

Oh well.. life goes on.. I just wont take any booze next time.. I'd take my German Shepherd & leave her in the van to protect it next time, but she is so nice I'm afraid they'd steal her too ;)


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