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Default Re: if that wansn't a kick in the nuts...

Yea, I was in my normal parking lot... they don't have any security that I've soon as they lot attendants get done parking cars.. they are outta there. In the GOLD lots I've seen security.. but I don't have a pre-paid pass to get into those.. I pay $25 on game day.. The van was really out in the open, which I would think would have deterred people.. but it also made people more aware of what was there in the first place. I didn't go around to the bars & ask.. but nobody said they saw anything.

I'm just bummed.. not sure what I'm going to do about it, but one thing I know for sure is that I won't be bringing any more booze to the tailgates. What I'm thinking I might do is just leave the vent window unlocked (that is what they messed with to get into the van) & if someone wants to get in that way & look through my van... so be it.. My radio is cheap and has a detachable face anyways, my sirius I can actually take with me next time... I might get some chain & chain my coolers to something inside the van so they can't take them...

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