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Default Re: if that wansn't a kick in the nuts...

Originally Posted by TailgateMel View Post
I think it was probably bums...

Why else would they have not stolen anything else.. there are a good # of bums walking around that area during the day.

I won't be at the Chargers game after all.. I ended up trading around so I could watch my brothers kids next Sunday... but I WILL be 100% FOR SURE at the Thursday night Bengals game.

I look forward to meeting all our far-away friends for that game, should be a great tailgate....and hopefully a SUPER game...

Life goes on.. I'm not gonna let them bring me down! FAN VAN rides on!!!


Good to hear that! I look forward to being able to have a celebratory drink with you at the Bungles tailgate! I am pissed off today not only about the van etc. but i just found out that the moron who I bought the jersey's from has sent them to the UK and not my friends place in the US! GRRRRR!

Anyways Mel enjoy your sunday and have a good day with your brothers kids and see you on thursday!
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