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Default Re: Gutless Mike Tomlin

Originally Posted by maqen View Post
Mike Tomlin blows his chance to distinguish himself as a true Steeler coach by not starting Brian Leftwich, instead of Big Ben, againts Indianapolis.
Many of us who have lived and died with the Steelrs for over 20 years, are more loyal to the team, than loyal to one player.
Many of us are still analyzing Mike Tomlin as the new coach of the Steelers. We are still feeling him out.
This was Tomlin's opportunity to finally remove the qustion marks of his abillity to be a good/great Steeler coach, instead of being a patsy. It was a chance to do what great leaders do, by dismissing the status quo and doing what is truly the right thing to do.
It was evident that Leftwich was the quarterback of choice after the Washington Redskins game.
Many of us love and respect Big Ben. And we thank him for the Super bowl win. However, we also realize that this is a team sport. You have to do what is right for the team.
Great leaders have displayed courage by ignoring the critics and doing what is right. Tomlin has another opportunity this week againts the Chargers.

Soooo..., you contemplated what your first post would be and came up with this?

Tomlin never struck me as the type to care what critics say. And unless Ben is injured, I disagree that MT can bench him in favor of Lefty without negative repercussions.
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