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Default Re: Chad Brown to be released.

Originally Posted by ironcitychef
I'm surprised that more players are not starting to figure this system out. Now instead of your salary going up in a straight line, you are more likely to get a bell curve salary deal. So why don't more players just go with it. Is Chad going to light it up this year and get 15 sacks? No. But he can still play a part. If he gets cut and no one signs then he doesn't get paid anymore. But had he just sucked it up, reworked his deal, he could have easily gotten a 2-3 year couple million more dollars deal. Must be nice not to need a few million dollars. Plus them lowering the salary helps sign more pieces of the puzzle.
Yup, you took the words right outta my mouth....HEs a shadow of what he used to be and shouldve taken a pay cut.....The NFL is a buisness however....
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