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Originally Posted by Hapa View Post
XFL, what's a c*ck? I don't understand.

Can you explain to me?
There are many definitions...

If it's in the most literal term (as it was intended to be), it's a male chicken (also known as a rooster.) You often see it when discussing c*ck fights. A sport that's often times brutal and bloody and a great source for gambling in third world countries like Alabama.

It's also used as a deragatory term. Often times, people refer to Pilots and Patriots fans as "Arrogant c*cks".

It's one of the many term to be used to describe the male anatomy...though if you're white...the term pr!ck is much more likely due to the splinter-like size comparison.

Of course, the term pr!ck is it's own discussion alltogether.
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