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Default Re: The Home Stretch...

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
This thread seems to be generating about as much excitement as a diet on a fat farm.


Utah over BYU
TT over Oklahoma State
Oklahoma over TT
UF over SC
Upset Special- Bama chokes against Auburn (I only pick this because out of the remaining contenders, the only teams I WANT to see in the NCG are TT and Bama...figure if I pick against them both I have a real chance of maybe seeing that game)
My Predictions:

TT over Oklahoma St.
TT over Oklahoma
UF over SC-although SC does have the #3 or 4 ranked defense. The old ball coach is 0-11 in Gainsville.
Bama over Auburn

I don't foresee any teams getting upset. If there was one game I think has the biggest potential for that happening it would be Auburn over Bama. Not only is that such a huge rivalry but the Tigers having a chance to knock off the #1 team...they have got to be chomping at the bit to make that happen! Auburn is going to be so fired up for this game and so intense and I think very focused. And we saw what happened in the Penn State/Iowa anything is possible..

I am not sure who I want to see play in the NCG. TT vs Bama probably would be the best match up. I remember watching ESPN one morning( Mike and Mike) and they had Kirk Herbstreit( sorry if I misspelled that) on and he mentioned he felt the two best teams were Florida and Oklahoma. I am pretty sure it was OK. I know one of them was Florida. I was a little shocked at that. Those are both great teams and very exciting to watch, but I wouldn't put them ahead of TT or Bama or even Texas.

I do know I am going to have fun just sitting back and watching what unfolds ...I LOVE college football!


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