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Default Re: Official cheer for things that muck up the BCS thread.

Originally Posted by Dino 5 Rings View Post

Cheer for PITT to win out.
Chear for Oregon State to win out, cause then they are officially the Pac 10 Champ. Meaning, USC can't go to the title game even with one loss.
Cheer for Florida State to beat Florida and for Auburn to beat Bama, then have a 2 loss Florida team beat a 1 loss Bama team in the SEC title game.
Cheer for Mich State to beat PSU for a 2nd loss
Then, Cheer for Missouri to win the Big 12 title game.
Then, Cheer for FSU to lose the ACC title game to a 3 loss Miami team.

So then we'd have a 3 loss Oregon State Pac 10 champ.
We'd have a 3 loss Miami as ACC Champ.
a 2 loss Missouri team as Big 12 champ.
a 2 loss Florida team as SEC Champ.
a 2 loss Ohio State as Big 10 Champ
and a 2 loss Pitt team as Big East champ.

Now...pick your National Title game!

what if? Boise State at 12-0 vs Utah at 12-0 (if they win the Holy War vs BYU)


That'll blow up the BCS for sure!
Wow, you might have to diagram that for me.
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