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Default Re: Official cheer for things that muck up the BCS thread.

Originally Posted by Dino 5 Rings View Post
Really? I thought after Oklahoma 2003 when they lost to Kansas in the Big 12 title game but still went to the title game that the rule was changed to disallow a conference champion loser from going to the title game.
Never heard of that. After 2003, they dropped SOS and quality wins from the formula and increased the weight of the polls, because that favored Southern Cal and its joke of a schedule.

They also switched the calculation so that it was your percentage of possible points instead of your rankings. In other words, instead of getting 2 points for being ranked second or 3 for being ranked third, they gave you 25 points for each first place vote, 24 for each second place vote, etc. and your score was total points divided by what a unanimous #1 would have.
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