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Default Re: Big Ben played well!

Originally Posted by Makaveli View Post
There are still quite a few games left. And possibly the playoffs,.....

IMO there are no such thing as "Ben Haters",...just simply those whom stand for THE STEELERS and Ben's groupies whom will make excuses for and or coddle him to the bitter end. But this is nothing new, was the same case with Brister and Tinkerbell (Kordell)

There are Steeler fans, and then there are people who think that the Steelers OWE THEM a WIN EVERY time the Steelers take the field, and that it is the FANS GOD GIVEN RIGHT to be an absolute ASS concerning the team if they don't.

There are those who criticize the team... and then those who love to hate on whoever the scapegoat of the day is.

Thank God Mahan is gone.

It would have been his fault the Steelers didnt' score a TD.
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