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Default Re: Big Ben played well!

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
Actually my point was the safe pass would have got 3 more points and got him in field goal range for Reed.

The 2nd down pass to nate he threw incomplete when he had Holmes open underneath would have setup a 3rd and about 3.

I loved the moment Ben was drafted and my kid has a #7 jersey, but what I am saying is that if Ben learns to take the high percentage pass, have an internal clock in his head in the face of a blitz and throw the ball away to live another play instead of takings sacks and losing yardage........he will be flat out dangerous on a consistent basis.
And will never take the chances that make him very dangerous.

Fact is, if he throws the ball away like everyone wants him to... he throws away the chance to hit the last second TD, which he has done, or the last second 1st down, which he has done.

That also means he has to be ABLE to get out of the pocket, or he risks an IG. It ALSO means that he has to throw it in an area of a receiver if he isn't out out of the pocket, and that means higher probability of an INT.

Naaa, I don't worry as much as you do about it. I actually Like Ben taking the long shots at times. BTW, Washington should have caught it.. so it was a good decision, and bad hands on Washington.
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