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Default Re: The Home Stretch...

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
I just cannot envision any scenario in which Bama can even hang with Florida. Trust me, i hate the Gators and want them to lose, want them OUT of the NCG, but I can't see it happening.

Just hope they lose the big game. OU and TT both have the firepower to hang with the Gators for sure.
Oh I agree with you 100% about Bama vs. Florida..that wouldn't be much of a contest at all. And I also HATE the Gators( come to think of it, I can't stand any teams from the state of Florida), but have to give credit were it's due...they are a heck of a team, very fun to watch and very solid in all phases. They don't just 'hang around' in games..they dominate. Where as to me, Bama 'hangs around' and does just enough to win.

There are many match ups I wouldn't mind seeing for the NCG

OU vs Florida
TT vs Florida
Texas vs OU

As long as Bama isn't one of the teams I would be satisfied.
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