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Default Re: Texas Tech. vs Oklahoma...

Originally Posted by Steelcitygal87 View Post
For me it is not a case of hating Alabama( I have nothing personal against them), but more a case of the other teams I have mentioned being more deserving. IF TT beats Oklahoma that would have been their 3rd victory over a top 5 team and they did beat the Longhorns who were ranked #1 at the time. The level of competition TT has faced is far and above that of Alabama.
Once Alabama plays Florida, then that will certainlyeven things out in the strength-of-schedule department! Most of the so-called experts at this point in the season are already crowning UF as the national champs.

I like Texas Tech and hope they beat OU on Saturday, but I don't see it happening since the game is in Norman. Texas Tech has proven that they can win the big game at home, but they've yet under Mike Leach to go on the road and win somewhere like Norman or Austin against a high quality opponent.
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