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Default Re: Brady12's post game "Rant"

Alrighty! Wildcard weekend is officially over, yesterday's Rant is at the top of the topic. Todays rant.

The Giants looked terrible. Eli Manning seemed like he didn't know what he was doing out there, and neither did the Giant defense. Repeatedly, Carolina converted 3rd downs, and ran the ball with decent success. If this team can continue this punishing game they brought today, they will be travelling to Seattle, or hosting Washington in 2 weeks time. There wasn't much to talk about in this game, so thats it.

First things first, to clear up 2 plays. The Pass Interference call on the guy covering Randle El when he dropped the ball in the endzone WAS correct, by Rule 4A in Pass interference, Contact by a defender who is not playing the ball and such contact restricts the receiver’s opportunity to make the catch The defender never looked back at the ball once, and then he stuck his hand in there before the ball arrived. Obviously a penalty if you know the rules. Secondly, the Chad Johnson call was correct as well. He caught the ball, had 1 foot, and then 2 feet down, but he lost the ball as soon as he came into contact with a defender, and did not get a 3rd foot down, otherwise it would've been complete. I believe Jon Kitna's play today has upgrading his worthiness as a free agent come the offseason if he chooses to go that way. Sure he struggled in the 2nd half, but credit to Pittsburgh's defense for forcing Cincinnati to adjust, and clearly they did not. In my mind the Gamechanger came when Cincy had a 3rd and 15, with 2:30 left in the 3rd, and Kitna fumbled the ball and recovered it himself, terrific coverage by Pittsburgh's secondary. Larson ended up having a poor punt, and Pittsburgh had 50 yards to travel. WHAT A CALL! The Randle El direct snap, and lateral to Ben, as he passed to Wilson for a TD PERFECT EXECUTION! The play ended the hopes of Cincinnati, because as CBS showed, Ohalete and others were upset at each after that play, and their confidence destructed. Congratulations to New England, Washington, Pittsburgh, and Carolina.

Good luck to the remaining 6 teams.

Look for a new topic next Saturday night following New England and Denver. And then again Sunday night, following Carolina and Chicago. Good Evening.
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