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Default Re: WHERE'S Ppissy????????

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Douchebag is BACK!

Nice excuses. We have injuries too.

After the first drive, I think you had 6 first downs the rest of the game. 364 to 208 yards. It was a pretty dominant performance when you factor in the weather.

Now go away until next year, loser.
A Dominant performance - really, come on you can't be this delusional. The fact the Bengal's were still in the game in the fourth quarter is still a shock to me. Your Pro Bowl - Super Bowl winning quarterback went head to head with a guy that has 10 starts in his Pro Career and our D-Backs dropped two gifts thrown their way by Ben. (Other than those two throws Ben did have a good game)

AND you were playing scrubs filling in for scrubs. Yeah, you beat a 1 - 8 - 1 team at home during Prime Time, but is that something to really brag about.
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