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Default Re: WHERE'S Ppissy????????

Originally Posted by Pdiddy View Post
The question is, knowing you played a team full of scrubs and a starting QB making his 10th Pro start and you did NOT blow our doors off, are YOU embarrassed?
And yet when Steelers players get injured it seems that the 2nd string player can go toe to toe with first string players. So is it that our depth in certain positions is better than any depth you've got. Real fans don't make excuses such as injuries for the lack luster performance of their team - or for the players lack luster performance in a meeting and practice.

You're team sucks chrome off a bumper, face it, accept it, and move on. Whether it's a 3 point win or a 30 point win - it doesn't matter. In the second half your team got dominated up to the point that we started playing prevent defense and even then the bungles gave it away.

And oh yeah, not to mention that if the ref's understood a catch, the bungles wouldn't have even gotten the 3 extra points which meant it would have been a 20 point game. But you see, good teams overcome adversity - the bungles, they can't even overcome themselves.

Good day, good night, and good riddance!

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