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Default Cris Collinsworth...

Hey fellas, I'm a long time lurker, rare poster, but I had to mention this.

I've watched Steeler football since 96, over half my lifetime, and I was also a big fan of Inside the NFL on HBO since that time until last year or the year before, when it was cancelled.

I've always hated Cris Collinsworth. His arrogance, his attitude, especially towards Pit, even his damn grin. Typically he doesn't give Pittsburgh the credit they deserve, and when they're slumping, he hammers 'em.

He had some GREAT input last night. Not only in the pre-game with the NFL network fellas, but calling the game. I thought all of his "opinions" on plays/penalties were dead on and fair. I thought his assessments of the players was also spot on, and he made some great comments.

So Cris, to you. Thanks for finally giving a fair assessment and being honest.

Was anyone else surprised by him last night, or am I trippin'?
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