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Default Re: WHERE'S Ppissy????????

Yeah, but our "average" performance was enough to earn a 17 point victory, even after we spotted you a touchdown in the first quarter. Your crappy team wasn't heard from for the rest of the game. Even your lame-duck coach didn't have any faith in your supposed "high-powered" offense when 4th and goal and he needs 2 scores, and he still opts for the field-goal. Classic Bungle mentality.

BTW, did you have any luck returning your Ocho Cinco-jersey back to the flea-market? It's not too late to jump on the Browns-bandwagon and get yer Brady Quinn Jersey!

Enjoy sweeping out the cellar of the AFC North with that Black & Gold Broom bitches!

Originally Posted by CantStop85 View Post
And a pretty average performance when you factor in the injury-riddled 1-8-1 team you were playing.


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