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Default Re: Steelers vs Bengals Game Day Thread

Man that first half was brutal.. My wife says "you have the worst mouth i've ever heard".. I said "I DON"T GIVE A F*#*!!!!!.. I was so pissed i couldn't control myself.. I thought we were gonna be toast and even with Palmer out they were rippin up the field. But Cower must have chewed some ass bigtime at half cuz they were a whole different defense in the 2nd half. Kitna couldn't find an open receiver, the blitzes were actually working, as well as the passes were just falling short for once.. I think the trick play was the turning point but something else happened before that that started the downward spiral for Cincy..ahhh yes.. it was the botched snap for the field goal.. That was the turning point. At least I'm pretty sure that's when it all went sour for them... Whatever it was the Steelers finally showed up to play and got er done.. thank god.. Now to go wash my mouth out with soap.. :P

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