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Default Re: Desperately Needing Your Prayers

I'm baaaaaaack! Just got home about 1/2 hour or so ago.

God has always blessed me with the ability to heal pretty quickly and I actually feel better than I ever imagined I would only 5 days post-op! My docs totally rock and did a fantastic job! I don't have the raccoon eyes I had the last time I had my head carved like a pumpkin and when I woke up from the surgery, the ventilator was out! I remember the first thing I did when I opened my eyes was to put my hand to my mouth to see if the vent was in and was so relieved that it wasn't! I have 36 staples across the top of my head and have a PICC line inserted in my right arm above the elbow to get the antibiotic infusions from the home care nurse over the next 2 days. Eric already told you all about the insurance company BS. In a week or so, I should have a lot of my strength back and believe me - they're going to be hearing from me and it aint gonna be purty.

Presby is a great hospital and other than the bitch of a charge nurse on the first unit I was on, the staff was just awesome! She and I went round and round the 2nd night I was there because she tried to refuse me one of my regular meds that I noticed they hadn't given me. My roommate did nothing but snore loud enough to wake the dead and I hadn't slept in 2 days/nights so I told this charge nurse that I didn't care if they put me under a rock, a bridge, the hospital foundation - I wanted off that unit pronto because I needed to SLEEP!!!!! When I got transferred up to the 8D unit the following day, I was so pleasantly surprised that a couple of the nurses were still there from when I was a patient in that unit 7 years ago and it was a great reunion! They took excellent care of me though they knew from the last time I was there that I am pretty self-sufficient. Best nursing staff on the planet!

It's great to be home! I can't thank all of you enough for your prayers and well wishes - I am convinced that God heard your prayers and mine. You are very special people and I am so blessed to have your friendships!

HUGE thank you's to Gary for holding down the fort so well while I was out and to XT for being there and keeping you all updated! Thank you to all who I had the pleasure of speaking with on the phone - it was great to hear your voices and all of the encouragement you gave me!

I will be on and off the board the next couple of days, as I have to rest and try not to overdo it. I have really missed this place and all of the truly wonderful people who are Steelers Fever! See ya all soon!


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