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Default Re: Xbox 360 question

Originally Posted by I_Bleed_Black_And_Gold View Post
The arcade doesn't have a hard drive. The other two I think just have different sized hard drives, all should now come with HDMI outputs.
Yeah, with arcade system you'll need to get a memory card (I think the package comes with one). But if you plan on being any kind of committed gamer, meaning you're going to want to play and save multiple 'real' games - you'll end up buying a hard drive down the road anyway.

When I got my 360, I bought the core system (No hard drive) then when I had enough money, I went out and purchased the hard drive. It was a couple bucks more to do it this way but overall was a good choice. I was able to have the 360 for a while and enjoy playing it, then when I had the cash get the extra memory.

If money isn't much of an object, just get the Pro package right away as the console isn't much without a hard drive.
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