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Default Re: Steelers vs. Patricheats* Nov. 30

Originally Posted by thecountoncleats View Post
While my brother goes to get food, I will jump in just because I've only been a fan since birth 29 years ago. Of course as I see the pics of my brother and my dad going to Steelers playoff games in the 70's, I piss on your GOP-my-country-right-or-wrong analysis. Are you jagoffs even from Pittsburgh? I know what city we were born in. Only a fascist refuses to take the crap-ass play from Ike Taylor, the weakest CB in universe. I've watched that fool drop INTs, blow coverages, commit idiot penalty after idiot penalty for years now. A real shutdown corner doesn't give 15 yards cushion. A real shutdown corner finishes and get the turnover. A real shutdown corner doesn't blow coverage and then taunts the chump who just drops the ball like he made it happen.
My Steelers fanhood is real. Your out-of-town ass needs to stay in whatever Bible belt town you live and take your ass to church and keep voting for ignorant GOP candidates that pretend like nothing is wrong. Dissent is the most favorable form of patriotism (bad pun having just crushed the Patsies), so says James Madison. But you Christers are more interested in Dolly Madison as you gain weight and the fat builds up in your head. You have no idea what Steelers fanhood is like. Real steeler fans are pessimistic, not only positive Ned Flanders Buccaneer fans. I've watched over the years and I've never seen most of you. I think my brother has been here since back in the day. You people don't curse or jump on the back of a jerk off CB who makes idiotic plays. Go join a Colts fanclub or some shit. Real Steeler fans curse, bitch-slap marks like you for whining about "why can't you say anything positive?" Pussies. Grow a pair and take the bad, recognize it and remove it. That means reset your computers, put down your comics and actually visit the 'Burgh you fake-ass never dealt with the Point when it's flood penises. Again, I don't post here and I'm sure my bro will get pissed I used his name to verbally destroy you. But i've seen the originals and I can spot a fugazi-fan a mile away. Real fans who sat thru the 80's are pessimists. You people just became fans and I wipe my ass with you

i think your brother is back with food now. time to go have youre bottle.

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