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Default Ode to the Patriots

33-10 was my christmas wish, and to watch Matt Cassell flop around like a fish. I hear Wes Welker said "It didn't hurt", when he got his d*ck knocked into the dirt. And I swear I could hear Bellifart mumble "I'll kill Matt Cassell if I see one more fumble." Bruschi and Vrabel are slower than Wilfork, after he finishes twelve pounds of pulled pork.
Everything that was wrong the Steelers made right , good luck with your season, lights out, and good night.
Oh..... And to all those Pats fans who assured me a Pats victory,,,,,
Two interceptions, 3 fumbles, five sacks, I'll relish this win drinking your 30 Packs. Ha-ha.
Santa prclaimed, as into bed I did tuck, "Merry Christmas to all, and the Patriots suck!"

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