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Default Re: Same Guy Who Call Hines Ward Dirty Now Goes After Ryan Clark

Originally Posted by MichaelAngelo View Post
I might not like the guy, but that last comment was out of line in my opinion. How is it a racist website? Hines Ward is black, Clark is black and he is killing Plaxico Burress and Allen Iverson who are black.

So he maybe an idiot but obviously his agenda is not to protect black players. Now I don't know what his agenda is, but I see the site on and all the time so maybe he does strike a nerve with people.

Still hate him, but not because of race

By the way I am white

I find the whole premise of a "blacksports website" to be out of line. I'm fed up with the whole mindset of only white people can be racist. Wanna bet if there is a "whitesports" website it'd get hammered for being racist? Wonder if there is one.... hmmmm

I was brought up that a person is judged on his actions, not his skin color. I don't even know if I can articulate why I think that website is wrong.
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