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Default Re: Who Saw The Steelers at WAS Last Month?

Originally Posted by nbj View Post
I was curious for those of you who went to the game

1) Were there a lot of Steeler fans there?
-How many, what percent, would you say?

2) How did this compare to when the Steelers are in Baltimore?
-What is the normal turnout in Baltimore, number and percent?
-Which fans are better/more knowledgable/passionate?
-Did you get more abuse at any one place?

Just curious how these two areas compare fan wise.
I've been told the Steelers had a lot more in Washington, numbers and percent, than in Baltimore.

I was at FedEx for the MNF game. The crowd was probably 35% plus Steelers fans, maybe even more.

I haven't been to any of the Baltimore games, but generally their fans are pretty nasty when it comes to any of their rivals. Like, if I'm visiting friends in Baltimore, I take down my Steelers fuzzy dice and helmet magnet, because if I don't, I'll come back and my car might be trashed - I don't trust them!

The Redskins fans were actually very decent - good natured, no nastiness like Raisins fans (so I've heard). I was surrounded by Steelers Nation at the game - SURROUNDED

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