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Originally Posted by PalmerSteel View Post
if your willing to risk getting low points but the upside is much more, go with romo. i would not be in total and complete shock if he does throw for 250 and runs for 50 and a couple td's or a rush td and like someone else said, they will get their yards and its not going to be by the running game.
I would - especially if it snows. The game won't be played in beautiful 75-degree weather. The last decent defense they faced was the Redskins and they kept them in check. Our defense is a few notches better than the Redskins' - and everybody else's for that matter. That's not homerism - it's fact. That combined with the winter weather which the Cowboys are not used to playing in? Rev, you're pretty much assured of getting next to nothing out of Romo this week - book it. Go with Favre.

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