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Default Re: Patriots vs. Broncos: The Thread

Originally Posted by Suitanim
The difference in the Bronc's this year from year's past is how Plummer has gone from being a gunslinger to a reserved and conservative passer. Check it out:

2005 18 TD's 7 INT's
2004 27 TD's 20 INT's
2003 15 TD's 7 INT's (Only played 11 games)
The previous 6 years with the Cards he only had one season where he threw less INT's than TD's.

The moral of the story is that if you take away the running game, Jake is capable of beating you in the passing game, and the Pats weakness is passing D. I think this is what makes the difference in the game Saturday.

I disagree. The moral of the stroy is Jake never had a running game and a D around him like he has this yr. If Pats shut down running game (IF) then I think it's over and pats will win.
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