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Default Re: Steelers go CB in round 2

Bryant McFadden press-conference..........

Q: What is your speed?

MCFADDEN: On my pro day, a lot of guys had me between 4.35 [and] 4.41. My official time, I think, was a 4.41. So I'm in the 4.4 area.

Q: I saw somewhere that you hoped you didn't play too far north. Is Pittsburgh too far north for you?

MCFADDEN: No, sir. That's the Steel Curtain. I used to watch the Steelers all the time. My uncle used to watch the Steelers back when they had Chuck Noll, Mean Joe Greene and all the yellow towels in the stands. It's a dream come true. Back when they used to play in Three Rivers Stadium on the hard turf. It's a situation where they have a great team basically already. I'm just looking at lending a helping hand because the have a great defense. If I'm not mistaken, they had the No. 1 defense in the NFL last year. So that's an honor to be able to go up to a defense like that and try to contribute.

Q: Do you think you can challenge for playing time right away? And if so, how much?

MCFADDEN: I feel that I can. The problem will be how fast I learn the scheme. [That's] the only thing that can hinder what you actually can go out and do. Part of preparing for it is that what we did at Florida State is basically an NFL defensive scheme. How quick I learn the scheme will determine how quick I'll be able to help out the team and challenge for a position. So right now, I'm just trying to focus to get my body and my mind prepared as best as I can to go out there and compete.
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