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Default Re: Browns have Schottenheimer on radar

Originally Posted by St33lersguy View Post
Smart move to hire the only coach other than Paul Brown that had success with the team, and that says something considering the fact that Bellicheater was coach ( unless he didn't cheat at Cleveland )
It was down to Belichick and Cowher in '91, and Art chose Belichick because The Chin was too much like Marty, . Stupid choice, and it still haunts the franchise to this day, but enough of that.

Belichick if Art had not moved the team had the team slowly going in the right direction, a couple of the Browns fans I know, who followed the team back then, said the Browns were even picked to contend for the AFC, of course after the announcement was made, the Browns flattened like a pancake.

Marty is a decent choice, it seems almost destiny some what, IF we can't the Chin here, which I don't think has been through out, because on the CBS pregame, him and Boomer easion were dropping hints.

It would kick ass if the Bill came in as head coach and Marty came in as hm an Bill trained Marty's son,, Brian as Bills eventual replacement and then Bill can get a job high up in the Brown, as president/VP.

I'm a dreamer though.
Don't Blame Me, I don't have any control over the Browns.
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