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Default Re: Respond to this comment.

I've cooked at plenty of places outside Pittsburgh and besides the born in Pitt or family ties to the Steelers, I'm always intrigued by fans with no ties that follow the Steelers. The answer I usually get. Back when the NFL expanded the TV coverage of the NFL, guess who was winning four Super Bowls. Not the Eagles. Hence I would bet that we will have a larger fan base nationwide because more people grew up watching the Steelers. Ask someone to name players off our championship teams. Most can get five or six. Ask them to name a player off of the '81 Eagles team that lost the Super Bowl and they stand there motionless. Ask why in a 6-10 year we have more Steelers fans in Cinn and Cle but JAX goes 12-4 but blackedout for home games? There might be only one team that matches us in fan base and thats the Packers cause man they have been everywhere I cooked. But definitely not Philly.
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