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Default Re: And So It Begins (Bush vs. Young)

Jaworski's take on it...

Vince Young? Let's Hold The Hype

I watched him, just like everyone else did, in the Rose Bowl. Vince Young was phenomenal in that game, he did some things that I've never seen a college quarterback do and he won the national championship for Texas.

But in the NFL, Vince Young is going to meet a whole different animal: Defenses with high levels of sophistication, players who are just as fast as he is, and coordinators who have eaten up young quarterbacks many, many times over the years.

I'm not saying Young won't ever be a great NFL quarterback. I just want to hold the hype for now, because when people talk about Young revolutionizing the game like Randall Cunningham, hey, Randall never reached a Super Bowl and, in fact, had his greatest success late in his career when he learned to play from the pocket.

Before Young revolutionizes anything, he must learn to play the quarterback position. He must be a maestro of the position, not a running back playing quarterback.

Check out this stat: Of the 12 starting quarterbacks in this year's playoffs, they averaged 4.32 yards rushing PER GAME. Did I make that clear enough?

These run-around, mobile quarterbacks, yeah, they make plays, but that does not give you consistent play from the quarterback position.

When I project this guy into the NFL game, I don't see it yet. He has all kinds of athletic ability, but he needs to learn to play quarterback.
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