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Default Re: Frownies are desperate! Cowher or Marty

Originally Posted by TerribleTInBigD View Post
Geez...been offline for a while since the holidays, and I pop back on and all I'm hearing is about the Frownies wanting either Bill Cowher or Marty Schottenheimer.

This post says it all:

Tale of the tape - Cowher or Schottenheimer

First off, they either have to go to a great former Steeler or an old Browns retread who can't win in the playoffs. Desperate!

Both of these guys are from PA - that will shut up all those Frownies who say the best football in Ohio. (They're out there!)

And the sad thing is, both Marty and Bill Cowher have great career records. Neither one of them will want to ruin their legacy by joining the cursed franchise in Cleveland.

That post was at least good for a few chuckles though.

I miss Coach Cowher -- but I love Mike Tomlin. That game was BEAUTIFUL!

Know some of the facts before you post:

Yes, although Cowher is most known for being the great coach of the Steelers for years, he also has some brief history in Cleveland:

He played three seasons (1980-1982) for the Cleveland Browns football team.

He also began his coaching career for the Cleveland Browns (at the age of 28) in 1985-1988 under Marty Schottenheimer.
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