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Default Re: THE BOWLS

I see your point, and, too a degree, you are right. I also want to reiterate that Texas Tech got royally EFFED. Ole Miss? At 8-4? C'mon! I know they couldn't get a BCS bowl because of the "two teams max per conference rule", but Ole Miss?

I guess, in all fairness, OSU should be playing Utah. I think they are ranked about the same, and it's probably considered a better "level game" to have Texas and Bama in one and OSU/Utes in another BCS Bowl.

But whooping up on Utah is NOT what the Buckeyes program needs right now, so I have to confess that I'm happy with the way things played out. If we beat #3 Texas the season is, to a degree, saved, because it springboards us into '09 in the top 5.

I DO NOT think Texas is overrated. In my book, they are definitely the 3rd best team in the country, and I think they are the only team left besides Oklahoam that could beat Florida. I DO think that this Buckeye team underachieved this year, and when they played USC they were without Wells and Pryor. Those two players comprise probably 75% of the Buckeyes offense.
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