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Default Re: Browns have Schottenheimer on radar

Steelers fans continued state of denial aside, here are the latest developments:

Marty said he's not coaching again, BUT he'd be interested in working in the FO of a Bill Cowher coached Browns, kind of in the role Parcells has with the Phins. The two are friends, by the by.

Lerner has now made it clear that Cowher is his first choice. Lerner also knows EXACTLY what demands Cowher will make to coach.

Cowher himself has said that Cleveland would be his first choice should he come back.

Crennel will be fired 10 minutes after the Browns last game this year, leaving the position open (and even though the Browns go through a lot of coaches, it doesn't happen EVERY year)

Cowher's contract for TV is up this year.

Time to face up to it, Cowher's heading to Cleveland next year.
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