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Default Re: And So It Begins (Bush vs. Young)

that's all bullshit. just old ppl in denial that running qbs are gonna start taking over. vick damn near got to the superbowl running, look what happened when they tried to make him a pocket qb this year. look what happened to mcnabb this year trying to be a pocket passer. young is a playmaker whether anyone wants to believe it or not. what's the difference in throwing a ten yard pass or running a ten yards? it's still a first down. what's the difference between a 40 yard pass and a 40 yard run? not a damn thing, the ball still going down the field. and he may not win a superbowl but that doesn't mean he ain't good or isn't a success. marino never won a superbowl yet he's "great"

anyway i'd take vince over bush, cause bush showed everyone what he's gonna be like with a fast defense, and that's decent. everyone is fast in the nfl so him avg 10 yards a carry is gonna be like 4 yards a carry. when the titans draft vince he'll sit a year behind his mentor mcnair and will learn everything he needs to and when he's winning games after games i'm gonna pull this thread up and say i told ya'll so

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