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Default Eagles move CB Lito Sheppard to Special Teams...ONLY!

Remember these trade talks over the offseason...

Sheppard, Winston Justice, and a #2 to the Cards for Larry Fitzgerald

Sheppard to the Saints for Pro Bowl LT Jamaal Williams and a #2

Sheppard to the Bucs for a pass rusher and a #2

Sheppard to the Browns for high picks

Sheppard to the Cards for Boldin

Sheppard to the Redskins for Shawn Springs and a #2

Sheppard to the Pats for a #2

Sheppard to the Jets for high picks

Sheppard to the Fins for high picks

IOW-it would have been highway robbery for the Eagles. With Fitz, they would be running away with the NFC right now.

Eagles CB Lito Sheppard has been relegated to special teams duty with CB Joselio Hanson taking over the nickel back role.

While the loud-mouthed schnook Sheppard roared all off-season about not starting, Hanson quietly went about improving his game -- and it's paid off. The Eagles pass defense has allowed just 5.99 YPA and a 53.3 completion percentage since Hanson took over for Sheppard seven games ago.
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