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Default Need help with a sig

As I am not capable of doing this myself, I'm hoping that someone would consider making me a new sig.

My new idea is for a Black and Gold banner style background (like the old Heinz Field wall banner ?), and a row of 5 superbowl trophies with the image of each MVP faded lightly on the respective trophy.
Something like this (notice the trophies):

Here are the MVP's for quick reference:

IX 1975 Harris Franco Harris
X 1976 Lynn Swann
XIII 1979 Terry Bradshaw
XIV 1980 Terry Bradshaw
XL 2006 Hines Ward

I'll grab the images if that helps.

Oh yeah, and this time I'd like my name on it "TheWarden86."

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. It will also entitle you to one beer on me should we meet at the game (for 21 y/o and older ).

Thank you.
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