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Originally Posted by stlrtruck View Post
If I didn't have my 3 year old, it wouldn't be that much of a problem but when my wife and I agreed to having a child, the deal was that I would be available to watch her more often than not and at family gatherings, she (the 3 year old) tends to get wound up and becomes a hand full - me being from the north, country, and old school is quick with a spanking so it takes the stress level off my wife.

While I appreciate the encouragement, some times the rules change for the sanctity of the house in which I live. At least it's not the playoffs, then my wife knows I'd be missing parties.
Sounds like a perfect opportunity to teach your kid the love of football. Tell your wife your raising him up right to be a STEELER. I know it's not going to work. Can't they put the game on at the party, and you watch the kid in the room with the game? Teach your children in the way they should go. Good luck man.
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