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Default Aloha, everyone

I am a lifelong Steeler fan who was born and raised in Pittsburgh and somehow (courtesy of my ex and the USAF) I ended up in Hawaii.... I am retired, a grandma to 7 and a computer junky....

The high point of the past few months for me was attending the Steelers / Packers game at Lambeau... I cannot begin to explain how exciting it was to walk into that stadium and breathe in all of the tradition and history that exists there... An absolutely amazing experience, made even better by the courtesy of the Packer Fans.... They were wonderful.... Vocal, of course, but not threatening in any way... In fact, I had many folks approach us after the game, thanking us for attending (my DD, GD and I were in Steelers colors, and my SIL - - - born and raised in the GB area - - - kinda tagged along)..... We almost got a standing ovation from a couple of guys sitting in lawn chairs in their front yard, but when they stood up, they kinda fell over.... It was pretty funny....

I look forward to the Pro Bowl every year and always seek out autograph sessions with the Steeler players.... There is a huge group of Black and Gold tailgate parties at Aloha Stadium and it is always a good time....

I am hoping that our season has three more games - - - ending up in Detroit!!!!
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