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Default Re: a great debate...but lopsided.

Alright, ready for the other side of the debate? Think about this. The thing that will likely keep Ward out (stats/playbook) could very well be TO's undoing too. He has played in several pass happy West Coast style of offenses...and the old coots who are voting players in will look at that.

This coupled with his penchant for tearing teams apart and his lack of rings will make it tougher to get him in. (Especially when compared to a more model citizen like Marvin Harrison who will likely be a first ballot guy...even with my stat/playbook argument.)

Also, TO (especially these last few seasons) has been dropping a lot of passes.

On a per season average:

TO: 73 Catches, 1085 Yards, 11 TDs

Hines: 72 Catches, 884 yards, 7 TDs

Unfortunately, the TDs is what will likely keep a guy like Hines Ward out. But that TD disparity is easily explained when you consider the game plans for both WR's respective teams inside the 20. Pittsburgh rode the Bus, TO demanded the ball.
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