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Default Re: AFC East Complications

Well, the Patriots are playing really good football right now. Their remaining schedule is at home vs Arizona and @Buffalo. I can see them winning both those games. But of the 3(Fins, Pats and Jets) they have the weakest defense.

The Fins have a very good qb who, quite frankly, has surprised me a little with how well he has played this year. Plus they have a very good defense-best player being Joey Porter. Their remaining games are: @KC(should be an easy win,although they were leading by a pretty big margin vs Chargers last week, but ended up blowing it in the end)and @NY-VERY interesting game. While I like Miami's defense, NY has a pretty good one as well(Abram Elam, Shaun Ellis, Revis) but in the end it will come down to Joey getting pressure on Brett, if he does that and keeps it up all game long then the Fins win, because Brett will throw interceptions. Also the JETS D has got to do a better job of getting pressure on the qb( in their win against the Bills, Losman had ALL DAY to sit back in the pocket and throw the ball).They did a very poor job of stopping the run too, Lynch ran wild on them. Plus the Jets have a very big weapon in Leon Washington, who is a difference maker!

The JETS are @Seattle and then home to the Fins. The Jets didn't do so well against west coast teams- the 49ers, Raiders. Plus they are kind of unpredictable...they should not have had such a hard time against the BIlls last Sunday, but yet, had it not been for a very BAD play call at the end of that game, they would have lost. And as I stated in my above paragraph, their D had NOTHING of a pass rush against the Bills and they could not stop the run. They were lucky to have won that game. In this weeks game against the Seahawks- Matt H. is not playing-he is out with a back injury, and Seattle doesn't have a running game, so I think the Jets should win this one. Then their last game is home against the Fins.

This is a difficult one to call though, because the teams are pretty even in all categories. Defense wins championships, that being the case, I think the Fins have the best D of all 3 of those teams. I also have a LITTLE more faith in Pennington than I do in Cassell and Brett.

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